Anchorize for Absolute Data Control

The traditional approaches to data security are failing us as evidenced by the high incidence of both inside and outside data theft rates. Stop this organizational data leakage with an entirely new approach to controlling sensitive data on servers, endpoints, and Cloud.

DAtAnchor anchors security policy directly into the data so security measures travel with it perpetually, all with complete transparency to the user. No matter where the file travels, where it rests or how it gets there, if data access is not authorized, the user will be met by nothing but an unreadable cypher-text. That is absolute data control, only with DAtAnchor.

Quick Introduction to DAtAnchor

DAtAnchor gives you full control over your data, even when outside your firewalls

Simple & Universal

Simplicity across a wide variety of data types and architectures


Governance baked-in at creation, derivatives inherit the original rules


Consumption rules follow data beyond the originating organization


Granular control and high-resolution monitoring and reporting

Gain Absolute Data Control for Your Company