Organizations Must Control their Data

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Enabling Control of Data

Our clients use us to...

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How it Works

1. Scan and Secure Files

Classify all types of sensitive data with your tool or ours. Dynamically enforce policy per file and per use with no additional friction to the user. DAtAnchor monitors actions for each file, including user, time, and location of access to keep files in the right hands.

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2. Configurable Scopes of Protection

From individual files, to network file shares, to entire endpoint machines. DAtAnchor will individually encrypt your data and ensure no readable content leaks from your apps and devices.

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3. Frictionless Sharing and Collaboration

We enable the possibility of internal and external collaboration/sharing at no risk of security. Our services expand the ability to control your data on laptops, network drives, and cloud drives.

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Works with Apps you Love

We partner with apps and cloud providers that you love to get you a seamless experience.

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