DAtAnchor Provides Absolute Data Control.

DAtAnchor anchors security policies directly into the data so, security measures travel with it perpetually, all with complete transparency to the user. No matter where the file travels, where it rests or how it gets there, if data access is not authorized, the user will be met by nothing but an unreadable cipher-text. That is absolute data control, only with DAtAnchor. This is made possible with our:

  • Agents on Windows, iOS and Android
  • SDKs on various platforms
  • Secure and seemless third party sharing

Why DAtAnchor?

Protect your data no matter where it is accessed from.


  • Built to handle remote and distributed access
  • No change in existing workflows
  • No plugins needed (no constant updates)
  • Management sets parameters, DAtAnchor does the rest


  • Complies with CCPA, HIPAA, NIST.
  • Real-time monitoring, including logs of all access to data and dynamic revocation capabilities
  • Any file out of context for any reason is rendered unreadable

Ready to Deploy

  • Deployment within hours
  • Runs seamlessly in the background without employees having knowledge
  • Any file out of context for any reason is rendered unreadable
  • Already built to work safely in cloud/network shares

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