Asked Questions

  • Q.What operating systems do you support?

    DAtAnchor is optimized for Windows, iOS, Android. We also provide SDKs for macOS, linux, Raspberry Pi.

  • Q.What is a context?

    Rules an organization can use to enforce access. Enabling context settings below will make these options available for users within the organization that have admin privileges

  • Q.Are files always encrypted?

    Yes, with DAtAnchor files are always encrypted at rest, in transport and during use. Files are never in a decrypted state.

  • Q.Is there a restriction on file type?

    No. DAtAnchor can protect all file types and is independent of file extension.

  • Q.Do applications need to be modified in order to access protected files?

    No they do not. Any application can work with DAtAnchor without modification. Applications interface with protected files through the operating system API ; therefore, access to the file never changes.

  • Q.What Cloud Storage providers does DAtAnchor support?

    OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, Google Drive, AWS S3

  • Q.How does third party sharing work?

    DAtAnchor provides a web based viewing and editing for all MS office files, PDFs, images, videos.

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