DAtAnchor Platform in a nutshell


  • On Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Provides Transparent Encryption with no change in existing workflows.
  • Contextual Access & Dynamic Revocation.
  • Monitors User Actions.
  • SDKs

  • On linux, macOS, iOS, Android & Raspberry Pi.
  • Simple to integrate APIs.
  • Functions to encrypt/decrypt any type of data.
  • Integrates with AWS lambda.
  • Third-Party Sharing

  • One-Click sharable link.
  • Web based View, Edit and Download.
  • Password and Time based links.
  • App Integrations on Box and Egnyte platforms.
  • Key Management

  • Military Grade Encryption.
  • Unique Client Certificates for each user.
  • Multi-level data key protection.
  • Master Key protection using Vault and HSM.
  • Context Management

  • Policy Enforcement from admin dashboard.
  • Multiple types of policies.
  • Revoke files with one-click.
  • Dynamic Revocation when out-of-context.
  • Governance

  • Complies with CCPA, HIPAA, NIST.
  • Real-time user actions monitoring.
  • Downloadable logs for Audit purposes.
  • All accessible from admin dashboard.
  • How it works?

    Supported Contexts

    In DAtAnchor, a context is a condition or set of conditions which must be met in order to receive file or application access. If connected with Microsoft Active Directory, contexts likely will include Person, Workgroup and ACLs settings. In addition, DAtAnchor adds optional physical location, network and the presence of a Bluetooth device as a multifactor.

    Active Directory


    IP Pools


    SSID Pools




    Location / Geofencing



    Data Management Platforms We Support

    Know Why

    Why DAtAnchor?

    Protect your data no matter where it is accessed from.


    • Built to handle remote and distributed access
    • No change in existing workflows
    • No plugins needed (no constant updates)
    • Management sets parameters, DAtAnchor does the rest


    • Complies with CCPA, HIPAA, NIST.
    • Real-time monitoring, including logs of all access to data and dynamic revocation capabilities
    • Any file out of context for any reason is rendered unreadable

    Ready to Deploy

    • Deployment within hours
    • Runs seamlessly in the background without employees having knowledge
    • Any file out of context for any reason is rendered unreadable
    • Already built to work safely in cloud/network shares

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