Anchorize for Absolute Data Control

With DAtAnchor, you can share data with employees, contractors and partners, without sharing control. Control of sensitive assets is maintained no matter where the data travels in the world – a great departure from traditional data security models. This control protects your organization against data leakage from both inside and outside security threats while maintaining compliance with various privacy regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and NIST.

Data control across use cases

Windows 10 and Server agentsWeb
(share, view, and edit)
Software development kit (SDK)
Protecting network shares and controlled migration to the cloud
Visualizing sensitive data
Enhanced data loss protection (DLP)
Controlled data in the cloud
Custom applications and platforms with data control ‘DNA’

Data-centric security, simplified: how it works

DAtAnchor deploys an agent on desktops, laptops and mobile devices which works in concert with the web-based console deployed in the cloud or on prem. After identifying the data to be protected either manually or automatically by utilizing a policy tool, DAtAnchor is employed to anchor this data, or embed a piece of security code in each piece of data and track it across the organization. This patented mechanism can encrypt and decrypt the file in accordance with the access policy it receives when someone attempts to open it. Once encrypted, or “Anchorized”, the data becomes fully controlled by the organization. When the file is opened, no matter where in the world this occurs, DAtAnchor checks back to its Context Manager for access rights. If proper context is met and access is granted, the file decrypts instantly, otherwise the unauthorized party is left with useless cypher-text. Administrators can also whitelist applications through the DAtAnchor administrative console.

DAtAnchor is optimized for Windows environments, iOS, Android and leading business data management applications.

DAtAnchor works with these data management apps

DAtAnchor User Experience

Context Manager

Location, Network, Person, Workgroup, ACLs

Key Manager

Strong encryption, non- repudiation, data integrity

Data Manager

Granular auditing and compliance enforcement

What is a context?

In DAtAnchor, a context is a condition or set of conditions which must be met in order to receive file or application access. If connected with Microsoft Active Directory, contexts likely will include Person, Workgroup and ACLs settings. In addition, DAtAnchor adds optional physical location, network and the presence of a Bluetooth device as a multifactor.

Automated Governance Enforcement

Data governance enables organizations to understand where their data is stored and how it flows inside the organization. DAtAnchor automatically tracks this information for you including data lineage and history of change, access and attempted access, making compliance reporting very easy and economical.

Business Benefits

  • Control and secure sensitive data
  • No change in user behavior
  • Automated data governance
  • Audit compliance in real-time
  • Easy to implement

Gain Absolute Data Control for Your Company